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Protecting Lives Around the Globe.

World Leaders in Respiratory Protection.


Testa Technologies is focused on developing respiratory protection and life support systems for hostile environments and air moving devices for industrial and general applications.


The owners acted for 20 years as the Israeli Ministry of Defense sole contractors for personal NBC protective system R&D. In the course of many years they developed numerous products to protect the military and the civil population in Israel.


Since the foundation, in 1997, Testa Technologies is a world leader in developing innovative technologies, products and life saving systems for use in hostile environments.


In 2003 Testa Technologies partnered with ILC Dover LLC for the development, production and marketing of Personal Protective Equipment.


Testa Technologies is ISO 9001:2008 certified.


Testa focuses on the complete development process:


  • Creating innovative concepts.

  • Proof of concept.

  • Industrial design.

  • Full scale engineering development.

  • Certifications and approvals to standards.

  • Low volume manufacturing runs.

  • Design of mass production lines.


Testa Technologies is an expert in creating alliances with suppliers and contractors as well as sourcing technologies and components around the globe. The company is engaged with representatives and agents in USA, Europe, Hong-Kong and China.Testa Technologies has a long experience teaming with contractors to perform complex tasks such as:


Design and manufacture of production tools for thermoplastic & thermosetting technologies.


Developing raw materials - polymers & textiles.


Design, development and manufacture of controller PCB’s for miniature motors & blowers.


Development of miniature electric motors.


Battery packs tailoring, design & manufacture.


Battery Chargers design & manufacture.


Respiratory Filters development & manufacture.


Conducting laboratory tests for quality assurance and certification to standards.

 Respiratory Protection



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SCape products are CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) escape respirators, used to escape from hostile environment: non conventional CBRN events and industrial accidents.


SCape is a protective hood – filter-blower system, automatically activated when the product is removed from its package.


There are two sizes of SCape: Baby SCape for toddlers and infants, SCape for children and adults.


To download catalogue:

SCape® CO/CBRN Escape Respirator


Sentinel family are loose fitting PAPR systems, based on a compact lightweight blower used with a variety of hoods for multiple applications: Industrial, CBRN and medical.


To download catalogue:


Sentinel XT™ Clear


Sentinel XL™ CBRN


Sentinel XL™ Clear XE


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Our Story



In 1980 Uri Alon and Yaron Reshef founded Bezalel Research and Development Ltd. (a subsidiary of Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem, Israel). In 1994 they bought all the company shares from the academy and renamed it as DEA Research and Development. During its first years the company implemented academic projects in the Israeli industry. In parallel to this activity the company specialized in development and design of life support systems and chemical detectors. In the beginning of the 90’s the company became the sole contractor of the Israeli Ministry of Defense for the development of NBC protective systems for military use and for the protection of the entire Israeli civil population.


Testa Technologies was founded in 1997 by Uri Alon and Yaron Reshef.


In the years 1981 – 2000 Elhanan Schaham was the Research and Development manager in “Shalon Chemical Industries Ltd.”. During 2001 and 2002 he acted as a consultant and project manager in the Israeli Ministry of Defense. In 2002 Elhanan Schaham was appointed as general manager of DEA Research and Development. Elhanan Schaham joined Testa Technologies as a partner in 2003.


A partnership of Testa Technologies and ILC Dover LLC for the production and marketing of SCape and for development, production and marketing of PPE products was established in 2003.


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